4X Games And Best Strategies For Play

4X was a term coined in 1994 and stands for:

  1. EXplore
  2. EXpand
  3. EXploit
  4. EXterminate
Bill Hammons Wins Civilization 6 Game Domination Victory As Genghis Khan

Harsh, I know. Feel free to comment below with alternative names for this subgenre of empire-building strategy games. Note you might sometimes hear 4X games like Civ 6 (see below) referred to as “God Games,” though this is not quite accurate, because in God Games, as the “God game” Wikipedia article sums it up, “players…are only able to exercise indirect control over their population. They cannot tell specific units what to do, as seen in strategy games…”

Perhaps my favorite 4X game is Civilization 6 (has anyone heard anything new about the Civilization 7 release date? I’m also looking forward to the release of Sega’s Humankind). Another game I’ll be checking out soon is Hearts of Iron IV (HOI4). I’ve been told I’m more or less portrayed as Leader of the Free World in the Red World Mod of that game (long story), so I’ve been wanting to check it out for myself.


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  1. Bill

    Victory video now up. Peace.

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