Civ 6 (Civilization VI) Gathering Storm Leaders (New & All) Ranked

Below I’ve started to rank Leaders who make their appearance in Civ 6 as of the Gathering Storm expansion pack (which is an expansion pack on top of the Rise and Fall expansion pack). Feel free to share your own comments!

  1. Trajan of Rome > Lots of benefits from the very start of the game
  2. Frederick Barbarossa of Germany > Holy Roman Emperor, Free Imperial City, U-boat and Hansa benefits are all particularly powerful in skilled hands
  3. Cleopatra of Egypt > Powerful female leader with advantages starting in Ancient Era
  4. Suleiman of the Ottoman Empire (GS) > One of best options when seeking Domination Victory
  5. Genghis Kahn of Mongolia (RAF) > Lots of benefits including with cavalry
  6. Harald Hardrada of Norway > Good option if you’re choosing a Map with lots of coastline and/or water tiles
  7. Saladin of Arabia > Good option for Religion, Science or Culture Victory; Mamluks huge advantage
  8. Chandragupta of India (RAF) > Good option for pursuing a Religion Victory; Stepwells subtly powerful technology
  9. Montezuma of the Aztecs > Eagle Warrior presents unique early advantage
  10. Peter the Great of Russia > Lots of benefits throughout the game; hugely beneficial in a “Cold” Temperature advanced setting
  11. Philip II of Spain > Another good option when pursuing a Religion Victory
  12. Kristina of Sweden (GS) > Good option for pursuing a Culture Victory
  13. Teddy Roosevelt of America > Many benefits not until late in game
  14. Pericles of Greece > Modest “Soft Power” benefits + Hoplites are cool
  15. Pedro II of Brazil > Beneficial in a “Wet” Rainfall advanced setting
  16. Robert the Bruce of Scotland (RAF) > Some benefits not until Modern Era
  17. Catherine de Medici of France > Good option for pursuing a Culture Victory
  18. Matthias Corvinus of Hungary (GS)
  19. Dido of Phoenicia (GS)
  20. Eleanor of Aquitaine (GS)
  21. Gandhi of India
  22. Gilgamesh of Sumeria
  23. Gorgo of Greece
  24. Hojo Tokimune of Japan
  25. Kupe of the Māori (GS)
  26. Lautaro of Mapuche (RAF)
  27. Mansa Musa of Mali (GS)
  28. Mvemba a Nzinga of Kongo
  29. Pachacuti of the Inca (GS)
  30. Poundmaker of Cree (RAF)
  31. Qin Shi Huang of China
  32. Seondeok of Korea (RAF)
  33. Shaka of the Zulu (RAF)
  34. Tamar of Georgia (RAF)
  35. Tomyris of Scythia
  36. Queen Victoria of England
  37. Wilfrid Laurier of Canada (GS)
  38. Wilhelmina of The Netherlands (RAF)


  1. In-game Civilopedia

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