Civ 6 (Civilization VI) Leader Genghis Khan of Mongolia

Below are some of the unique advantages to taking the role of Civ 6 Leader Genghis Khan of the Civilization Mongolia:

Genghis Khan, 1 of 38 Civ 6 Gathering Storm Expansion Leaders
  • All Cavalry Units gain +3 Combat Strength
  • Cavalry units can capture defeated enemy Cavalry class units
  • Örtöö
    • Postal system + supply point route messenger system
    • Starting a Trade Route immediately creates a Trading Post at destination
      • Receive an extra level of Diplomatic Visibility
        • All Mongol units enjoy 2x Combat Bonus for higher Diplomatic Visibility than opponent
  • Keshig
    • Medieval Era Ranged Cavalry unit
    • Can escort Civilian and Support Units at Keshig’s higher Movement speed
  • Ordu
    • A building unique to Mongolia
    • Grants +1 Movement to Heavy and Light Cavalry trained in City
    • Grants +25% Combat Experience for all Cavalry units trained in City
    • Strategic Resource stockpiles increased +10 on Standard Speed
    • Cannot be built in Encampment District with Barracks


  1. Civilization VI “Create Game” Screen

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