Civ 6 (Civilization VI) Leader Trajan Of Rome

Below are some of the unique advantages to taking the role of Civ 6 Leader Trajan of the Civilization Rome:

Trajan of Rome, 1 of 38 Civ 6 Gathering Storm Expansion Leaders
  • Trajan’s Column
    • All buildings start with a Monument building in the Ancient Era (City Center building in subsequent Eras)
  • All Roads Lead to Rome
    • All Cities you found or conquer start with a Trading Post
      • Also have road to Roman Capital
        • If within Trade Route range of your Capital
    • Your Trade Routes earn +1 Gold for passing through Trading Posts in your own Cities
  • Legion
    • Unique Roman Classical Era unit which replaces Swordsman
    • Can build a Roman Fort
  • Bath
    • A unique Roman district for City growth
    • Cheaper alternative to the Aqueduct district
    • Provides all Cities at least +1 Amenity and +1 Housing
    • Provides City with a source of fresh water from an adjacent Lake, Mountain, Oasis or River
    • Cities without fresh water receive up to 6 Housing
    • Cities already with fresh water receive +2 Housing
    • +1 additional Amenity if next to Geothermal Fissure (GS)
    • Must be built adjacent to City Center
    • Military Engineers can build 20% of Bath with 1 Charge
    • Prevents food loss during Drought (GS)


  1. Civilization VI “Create Game” Screen

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