Civilization 6 Tutorial Tips

Here a few things I’ve picked up so far from the Civilization 6 Tutorial section (I chose Cleopatra over Gilgamesh), which spans 330 “turns” with no apparent option for saving your place (hence these notes which I’ll develop and expand upon as I re-familiarize myself with the game a quarter of a century after last playing Civilization (the original version)). This outline is organized by the turn within the Civ 6 Tutorial which covers a particular rule or point.

Turn 1

  • You click on a unit to select it
  • You’ll generally want to go ahead and click the “Found City” button on the first turn, assuming the game has placed your Settler unit on a good spot for the founding of your first city (on flat land near water and resources, etc.)
  • Your lands are indicated by the colored borders (obviously)
  • Food and Production are two yields > Food fuels population growth and Production lets you build and upgrade
  • Each Citizen can work one hex within your borders
  • Note the change production button at the bottom right of the screen
  • Your first priority should be building military units for protection (the arrow indicates the number of turns it takes to build an item)
  • The unit’s production cost versus your total yield determines how long it takes to build that unit (e.g., two turns)

Turn 2

  • Research is fueled by Science, which in turn is produced by Cities (i.e., the bigger and more Cities you have, the more Science they will generate)

Turn 3

  • Right click on a hex to attack that hex
  • There are tasks in the lower right corner of the screen which you have to complete in order to complete your turn and move on to the next turn

Turn 4

  • The solid blue line shows the furthest possible movement of a unit
  • Open terrain costs 1 point of movement; difficult terrain like woods or hills 2 points

Turn 5

  • Tribal villages grant rewards when explored
  • Warriors have a movement allowance of 2; Scouts 3 (it’s best to use Slingers as Scouts to explore, since they can also fight)

Turn 6

  • You can use the arrow move-to button at lower right to give a unit a multi-turn movement order
  • Cities will continue to grow in Civilization as long as their Citizens are fed and happy

Turn 7

  • The Shield icon at lower right orders a unit to fortify

Turn 8

[Only a Scout move]

Turn 9

  • Builders can build farms, which increase population
  • Farms are the only Improvement in Civilization 6 which don’t require new technology; Builder can build Farms from the very beginning of the game on Grasslands, Grasslands with hills, hexes with wheat or rice, Plains, Plains with hills and floodplains
  • Builders should always be building something; always view build options in hex
  • The Farm Improvement button is in the lower right
  • The corn icon is food, and a Farm increases it to 2
  • A Builder unit can build up to 3 Improvements before it disappears
  • In addition to building units, Cities can use Production to build buildings including Monuments

Turn 10

  • The different Resource types are Luxury, Strategic and Bonus
    • Luxury = Happiness
    • Strategic = More powerful military units
    • Bonus = Additional yields of Food, Production or Gold
  • A Stone Resource means +1 Production for a nearby City
  • A Quarry Improvement raises that Stone addition to +2
  • Right click on a unit then its destination hex to move it
    • Only use arrow for multiturn moves


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