Civ 6 (Civilization VI) City Placement Settler Strategy & Tips

The first question many Civ 6 gamers have is “What’s the first move in Civilization?”

Answer: Establish your first city.

While the game will most likely start with your first Settler unit placed on a reasonably good location for the founding of your first City, don’t automatically punch that “Found City” button with the skyscraper icon.

  • All Cities should be on locations with plenty of Food and Production (hover your cursor over any given hex to look for the numbers next to the Corn and Gear icons)
  • Also look for nearby Strategic, Luxury and Bonus resources
  • Build on River or Coastal hexes, since fresh water will be important to your City’s population growth
  • Hills grant a Defense Modifier of +3 in Combat, so building a City atop a Hill doesn’t hurt (hover your cursor over any given hex to see its inherent total Defense Modifier)
  • As of the Gathering Storm (GS) expansion, keep an eye out for icons warning of environmental dangers such as potential river flooding
  • Note that if you build a City atop a Resource such as Woods you might be removing that Resource in the process, along with that Resource’s Production and Defense bonuses (e.g., building in a hex with Woods will remove the +1 Production and +3 Defense Modifier bonuses which come with that Wood Resource)


  1. In-game Civilopedia

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