How To Win A Cultural Victory In Civilization VI (Civ 6)

A Player wins a Culture Victory (or “Cultural Victory” more accurately) in Civ 6 by building a Civilization which is the cultural epicenter of the world. In terms of game mechanics, this means your total number of Visiting Tourists must exceed the number of Domestic Tourists of each other Civilization in the game.

For a Team Culture Victory, one Team Member’s Visiting Tourists must exceed the total Domestic Tourists of all non-Team Member Civilizations (Visiting Tourists are not shared between Team Members).

Tourism is generated by:

  1. Trade Routes
  2. Having a Government similar to other Governments (i.e., there’s a Tourism penalty for Tourists from, say, a Communist Civilization to a Fascist one)
  3. Open Borders (an Early Empire Civic)
  4. Great Works housed in one of your appropriate buildings or Wonders
  5. Holy Sites
  6. National Parks
  7. Wonders


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