How To Win A Domination Victory In Civilization VI (Civ 6)

A Player wins a Domination Victory in Civ 6 by capturing all opposing Capitals (Capital status is noted at the beginning of that Capital’s name plate). If you lose your original Capital, you can still win a Scientific, Cultural, Religious or Score Victory (see links below), but you can’t win a Domination Victory until you’ve recaptured your original Capital.

For a Team of Civ 6 Players to win a Team Domination Victory, all Team Members must each control their own original Capitals, while all other Players do not.

Note that, for better if it’s your own Capital and for worse if it’s a Capital in a City you just captured, a Capital will automatically move once the City it resides in falls (so to conquer another Civilization, you’ll need to conquer each and every last one of its Cities).


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