How To Win A Scientific Victory In Civilization VI (Civ 6)

A Player wins a Scientific Victory (or “Science Victory”) in Civ 6 by colonizing Mars (or, strictly speaking, attempting to colonize Mars; the game is won upon launch of all of the Mars project components below). All Players receive notice when the first Player to launch a Satellite has done so. The below steps towards Mars Colonization must be completed in order (note that you can have multiple Spaceports working on one, two or all three of the Mars mission components at once). A Team Scientific Victory only requires one Team Member to complete the below steps, but all Team Members can assist with Team Shared Research.

  1. Launch Satellite into Space
    • Research Rocketry
    • Build Spaceport
    • Complete Earth Satellite Project
      1. Be rewarded with view of entire Map!
  2. Land a Human on Earth’s Moon
    • Research Satellites
    • Complete Moon Landing Project in any City with a Spaceport
      1. Be immediately rewarded with a lump sum of Culture!
  3. Establish a Colony on Mars
    • Research Robotics
    • Research Nuclear Fission
    • Research Nanotechnology
    • Build Reactor in a Spaceport
    • Build Habitation in a Spaceport
    • Build Hydroponics in a Spaceport


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