Presidential Line of Succession

(Per the Presidential Succession Act of 1947 Revised in 2006) (Hashtags: #potus #president) Vice President > Mike Pence (Republican)Speaker of the House of Representatives > Nancy Pelosi (Democrat)President pro tempore of the…

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The US Presidency

(Hashtags: #potus #president) Presidential Line of SuccessionElectoral College Votes2020 Presidential Primary SchedulePresidential Ballot Access Democratic Presidential CandidatesRepublican Presidential CandidatesConstitution Party Presidential CandidatesGreen Party Presidential CandidatesLibertarian Presidential CandidatesUnity Party Presidential Candidates

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Democratic Presidential Candidates

Contenders Seeking the 2020 Democratic Party Nomination (Hashtags: #democrats #president #election) See also Republican Presidential Candidates ListSee also 2020 Presidential Primary and Caucus Schedule Former Vice President Joe Biden (Delaware)US Senator Bernie Sanders…

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Republican Presidential Candidates

Contenders Seeking the 2020 Republican Party Nomination (Hashtags: #election #gop #president #republican) For list of Democratic Presidential Candidates, click here President Donald J. Trump of New YorkFormer Congressman Joe Walsh…

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