Internet Entrepreneur Bill Hammons was born in Germany as an Army brat, graduated from the Friday Night Lights high school in West Texas, and returned to his home state of Texas to enjoy the Hill Country after a 26-year journey covering Manhattan (he’s also an alumnus of both New York University and Newsweek Magazine) and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado (a state where he happened to make a little bit of history during the 14 years that he lived there). You might have already noticed that this newly-revamped Bill’s List website has incorporated many of Bill’s recent experiences in the Lone Star State (including specifically his new home town of Austin).

And when Bill isn’t doing other things (like earning a gazillion 5-star English Tutor reviews on Preply [55 and counting]), rest assured he’s looking for a great set of running trails and working on Bill’s Boston Marathon Qualifiers Guide, one of his many passion projects (Bill BQ’d himself at Chicago back in the day).

Feel free to google “Bill Hammons”, visit Bill’s author page on, and check back frequently for future developments!

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