Below is one of the books I’ve read over the years which I’d like to share with my website’s visitors.

How to Master the Art of Selling by Tom Hopkins is the first book I took down off a shelf as a desperate salesman on the ropes trying to turn my sales career around (that shelf was in Odessa, Texas, in the same library I had checked so many books out of as a kid).

Hopkins himself was once a non-producing salesman (the first 9 months of his career he earned just over $60 as a real estate agent). Then he spent his last funds on a sales seminar, poured his heart and soul into learning everything from that course that he could, and watched his sales career take off like a Saturn 5 rocket (Hopkins would go on to sell 365 houses in one year, a record which stood for three decades in the State of California).

Hopkins is the classic “White Hat” salesman, and many of his suggestions (like mailing genuine thank you cards every chance you get and setting goals) are more pertinent today than ever.

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