Peak Name / Mountain Range / Elevation / Prominence / Isolation / Latitude / Longitude

Mount Bierstadt / Front Range / 14,065 Ft / 720 Ft / 1.12 Miles / 39.5826°N / 105.6688°W

Mt Bierstadt lies just under 10 miles southeast of the town of Georgetown in Colorado and is named in honor of Albert Bierstadt, the American landscape painter who made the first recorded summit of the mountain in 1863, during the Civil War (and the nearby peak Mt Evans was originally named Mt Rosalie after Bierstadt’s mistress, Rosalie Osborne).

The most popular base from which to climb Mt Bierstadt is Guanella Pass to the west. From the Pass it’s approximately a 7 mile (11 km) hike, with a climb of 2,391 feet (729 m). The trail descends slightly into the fairly level marshlands surrounding Scott Gomer Creek before continuing on to Bierstadt’s western slopes. On the rocky upper regions of the mountain the route of the trail is marked by a series of cairns. The trail levels about 200 feet (61 m) below the summit at saddle point before beginning the final ascent. Trails for longer hikes run along the eastern slopes.

A popular post-summit option is to continue on to nearby Mount Evans along a ridge known as The Sawtooth.

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