Peak Name / Mountain Range / Elevation / Prominence / Isolation / Latitude / Longitude

Mount Massive / Sawatch Range / 14,428 Ft / 1,961 Ft / 5.06 Miles / 39.1875°N / 106.4757°W

Mount Massive is the second-highest peak in Colorado (12 feet below Mt Elbert but edging out Mt Harvard by seven feet) and is located 11 miles (17 km) southwest of Leadville. The peak was first climbed in 1873 during the Hayden Survey of the American West, and survey member Henry Gannett is credited with the first ascent. Massive’s name comes from its elongated shape, and the peak has more area above 14,000 ft (4,300 m) than any other mountain in the lower 48, narrowly edging out Washington State’s Mt Rainier in that category.

A class 2 hiking path (hiking with simple scrambling and occasional use of hands) leads to the peak from the eastern face. That path is a 13.6 mi (21.9 km) round trip, with a 4,500 ft (1,400 m) elevation gain.

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