I drive for both Lyft and Uber in Austin, Texas on a full-time basis, and have driven throughout the great State of Texas. Email me at bill@wrhammons.com for help getting signed up with both services anywhere in the world they operate!

A few tips based on my own personal experience as a 4.99-rated driver (for Lyft) and 4.98-rated driver (for Uber):

  1. Sign up for both Lyft and Uber
  2. Insurance
  3. PopSocket Car Mount
  4. Appropriate Attire
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Seat Cushion
  7. Be in Car
  8. Stick to Water
  9. Keeping both Ride Driving apps open
  10. Switching between Uber and Google Maps apps (2-Minute Rule)
  11. Use of Emergency Blinkers
  12. Bob FM or Jack FM
  13. Classical on SiriusXM
  14. Audiobooks
  15. Vacuum Check
  16. RoadWarrior App
  17. Getting Gas
  18. Getting Coffee (Starbucks as Landmark)
  19. Appropriate Conversation Topics
  20. Maximizing Airport Rides
  21. Always Help Riders with Getting Stuff In & Out of Trunk
  22. Bonuses

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