Tips From a Top-Rated Ride Driver

As soon as you’ve submitted the proper documentation to Uber and Lyft for your driving applications, head to your local Target or Walmart to get a Popsocket for your phone as well as a mount for your dashboard which you can slide that PopSocket into. Both your Lyft and Uber apps can run open on one phone, and it’s important (by law) your phone is used hands-free without any obstruction of your line of sight, so I’ve placed my mount between my steering wheel and the central A/C vents. With my phone in that spot to the lower right of my field of vision I can glance at the directions on the screen without taking my eyes too far away from the road, I’m not blocking the flow of air which helps keep my passengers cool, and nothing on the dashboard is blocking my view.

Both a PopSocket and a mount shouldn’t cost you more than $10 or so each.

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