HOI 5 (Hearts Of Iron V) Game Tips & Strategy Guide

Do you know when the newest version of Hearts of Iron V (HOI 5) will be released?

Neither do I. By all means, my fellow HOI fans keep me posted with updates in the Comments section below as I continue to build an HOI 4 section of my Grand Strategy Game Guide outlining HOI 4 game tips and suggested strategies. Thanks!

As you can see below, unlike the relatively clockwork-like releases from the Civilization game franchise, HOI releases of entirely new editions of the game, expansions and expansions-on-expansions have been all over the board the last two decades. It was seven years between HOI 3 and HOI 4, and there have been six HOI 4 expansion packs released since, so it’s anyone’s guess when HOI 5 will coming around the corner…

  1. Hearts of Iron I Release Date > November 2002
  2. Hearts of Iron II Release Date > January 2005
    1. Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday Expansion Pack > April 2006
    2. Hearts of Iron II: Armageddon Expansion Pack > April 2007
      1. Hearts of Iron II: Arsenal Of Democracy Expansion Pack on Pack > October 2010
      2. Hearts of Iron II: Iron Cross Expansion Pack on Pack > October 2010
      3. Hearts of Iron II: Darkest Hour Expansion Pack on Pack > April 2011
  3. Hearts of Iron III Release Date > August 2009
    1. Hearts of Iron III: Semper Fi  Expansion Pack > June 2010 (D-Day)
    2. Hearts of Iron III: For The Motherland Expansion Pack > June 2011
    3. Hearts of Iron III: Their Finest Hour  Expansion Pack > September 2012
  4. Hearts of Iron IV Release Date > June 2016 (D-Day)
    1. Hearts of Iron IV: Together For Victory Expansion Pack > December 2016
    2. Hearts of Iron IV: Death Or Dishonor Expansion Pack > June 2017
    3. Hearts of Iron IV: Waking The Tiger Expansion Pack > March 2018
    4. Hearts of Iron IV: Man The Guns Expansion Pack > February 2019
    5. Hearts of Iron IV: La Résistance Expansion Pack > February 2020
    6. Hearts of Iron IV: Battle For The Bosporus Expansion Pack > October 2020

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