Learn American English From NYU Graduate With General Accent

Online English teacher Bill Hammons, who has lived in the US States of Texas, New York and Colorado and speaks General or Standard American English, is available to teach you Standard American English online via Zoom or Google Meet.

And for those you who’d like to know that I know my stuff, here’s a primer on the Origins and History of the English Language, the Basic English Grammar Rules For Learning the Language, and a Shakespearean Play List.

Email bill@wrhammons.com today or fill out the form below for pricing and scheduling!

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Are you interested in also teaching English online? This site has in the past received as many as 17,000 visitors a day, and as this site draws more and more aspiring English students from around the world I might be interested in collaboration (leave a comment below or email me at bill@wrhammons.com), but in the meantime I’ll be starting a list of online resources for aspiring online English teachers:

  1. Bill’s Two Cents on how to Teach American English to Beginners
  2. Bill’s List of Useful Online Teaching Resources for ESL Teachers
  3. Preply > See my new Preply English Tutor section (for successful Tutors) + the Preply Facebook Group!
  4. Oxford Seminars Review > OS highly recommended for TESOL/TESL/TEFL Certification + job placement assistance
  5. Dave’s ESL Cafe > Their job board and forums come highly recommended by my friends at the Oxford Seminars
  6. Learning Languages From English: Easiest Language to Hardest
  7. Meditation Techniques For Learning Languages Including English
  8. Celsius to Degrees in Farenheit Conversion Charts and Formula
  9. Living Abroad/Overseas in Foreign Countries section of Bill’s List
  10. German Words, Phrases & Sentences to use in Preply Lessons

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    New English Teaching section of Bill’s List now up.

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