Nouns (What Is A Noun?)

A noun is a word other than a pronoun which is used to identify any of a class of people, places, or things (as what is known as a common noun), or to name a particular one of these (as what is known as a proper noun).

Examples of Common Nouns:

  • People > Baby, businessperson, child, father, grandmother, man, minister, mother, salesclerk, student, teacher, teenager, toddler, woman
  • Animals > Alligator, bear, bird, cat, cricket, dog, lion, tiger, wolf
  • Things > Book, boots, coat, computer, iPad, pencil, table, truck
  • Places > City, coffee shop, continent, country, park, restaurant, state, zoo
  • Ideas > Envy, hate, love, patriotism, pride, respect

Examples of Proper Nouns:

  1. Amazon
  2. England
  3. January
  4. John
  5. London
  6. Mary
  7. Sony
  8. Sunday
  9. Titanic
  10. War and Peace



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