How I Joined The Preply Site To Tutor English Students

  1. Read this great Preply article with 11 tips on how to attract more students
    1. What language would I most want to learn in addition to English?
      1. German
        1. First thing I notice is the profile pic
        2. I would choose a tutor who also speaks English
        3. Do they have a warm and inviting video introduction?
    2. Include as many languages as possible in your profile
      1. Mandarin Chinese
      2. Spanish
      3. Hindi
      4. Bengali
      5. Portugese
      6. Russian
      7. Japanese
      8. Western Punjabi
      9. Marathi
      10. Swedish
      11. Icelandic
      12. Finnish
      13. Norwegian
      14. German
      15. Polish
      16. Dutch
      17. French
      18. Italian
      19. Hungarian
  2. Upload a headshot that shows your best self (friendly and smiling)
  3. Write a headline that makes prospective students (customers) want to watch your video and read your description
  4. Make a video that’s friendly, inviting, and explains clearly what you can do for your students
    1. Preply says the best results come from videos 50-100 seconds long
  5. Write a description that’s friendly, inviting, and explains clearly what you can do for your students
  6. Set an hourly rate low enough to allow you to attract new students and build your statistics
  7. Be sure to attend all webinars Preply makes available
    1. How Preply works
    2. The Preply classroom
    3. Engagement series – How to get students on Preply faster
    4. Retention series Part I: How to teach an awesome first lesson
    5. Retention series : How to retain students and double your income
  8. When exchanging messages with prospective students, keep it bubbly
    1. Throw in one, but not more than one, exclamation point!
    2. Even students from reserved cultures will expect enthusiasm from Americans
  9. Be sure to complete all updates to your laptop every night as soon as you see update prompts
  10. Every morning
    1. Check your profile’s placement in the Preply search results
      1. Always try to be in the Top Ten of search results for your price range
        1. If you can’t be in the Top Ten, lower your price for volume
          1. In a large enough group, there’s someone looking for you
    2. See which students completed the Placement Test and review results promptly
    3. See which students still haven’t confirmed their lessons
      1. And follow up with student as appropriate if lesson won’t auto-confirm
  11. When changing time zones, be sure to also update available hours on your schedule
  12. Be sure to review the student’s placement test results before the first lesson
    1. If they give you enough time
    2. The audio clips at the end will give you plenty of information about them
    3. Then you can launch right into the Conversation Starter and rest of lesson
  13. Don’t be in the Preply Space until the hour starts
    1. Always convey the impression that you’re busy providing a wanted service
      1. Which, if you follow this page’s advice, will probably soon be true
    2. Be sure to have your notes from the last lesson ready for review/reference
    3. Good time to practice Julian Treasure’s Vocal Warm-up Exercises
      1. Arms up, deep breath in, and sigh out
      2. Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba…
      3. Brrrrrrr…
      4. La, la, la, la, la…
      5. Roll an rrrrr…
      6. Siren: weeeawww (“we” is high, “aw” is low)
    4. Drink only still water out of a clear glass before and during the lesson
      1. Don’t let your students think you’re drinking
      2. Carbonation will dry out your throat and hurt your voice
  14. If there are technical/connection issues, suggest Google Meet (vs. Zoom)
    1. As of this writing, I’m starting to automatically take my students to GM
      1. You can copy and paste a GM link into the Preply chat function
      2. Be sure to spend at least 15 minutes in the Preply Space
        1. To ensure auto-confirmation
        2. If you get asked by Preply why “early,” it’s too early
    2. Also note you can use your phone to hotspot another WiFi signal
      1. Your phone basically acts as a signal booster for your laptop
      2. Log phone into the WiFi network, then turn on the Hotspot function
        1. Then connect your laptop to the hotspot (vs. the WiFi)
  15. Remember to remain Quiet and Confident
    1. Quiet to let them practice English
    2. Confident because it’s well-founded
  16. Choose their Learning Plan based on their goals and their test results
  17. During the lesson, “float” your student’s image to be top and center of the screen
    1. So that you’re looking directly at them and not at, say, yourself
  18. Cover Tom Hopkins’ Goal Setting the first lesson
      1. This gets students excited about learning English
      2. Also be sure to connect this reading with a Goals spreadsheet
  19. 50 minutes into the lesson, be sure to assign the student homework
    1. I prefer a vocabulary spreadsheet
      1. with spaces for definitions
      2. with two lines for each word’s example sentences
      3. I’ll model the task by defining one word and writing two sentences
      4. “Now tell me what you’re going to do for homework.”
      5. “What questions do you have?”
    2. Also include a CEFR bulleted outline with their level indicated
      1. For their reference
  20. With five minutes left in the trial lesson ask an alternative close
    1. “You’ll want to take at least two lessons a week to get the most out of them.”
    2. “Would you like to save 2% or 5% on future lessons today?”
  21. When they say “5%,” point out “Buy Hours” button in chat
    1. Point out they save 5% when they buy 20 lessons
  22. I don’t ask the student to confirm the first lesson
    1. A confirmed first lesson with no full package purchase will only hurt your stats
  23. At the end of each subsequent lesson, always remind student to confirm the lesson
    1. Comes across as professional and detail-oriented
    2. But don’t ask more than once if lesson is set to auto-confirm in three days
      1. Then it comes across as desperate
  24. Once the student has confirmed the first lesson offer help with buying and scheduling
    1. Also ask for a review at that time


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