Below is one of the movies I’ve watched over the years that I’d like to share with my website’s visitors (along with Books, Songs and TV Shows) which you can buy or rent on Amazon by clicking on the image below.

The movie Swing Vote, written by Joshua Michael Stern and Jason Richman, produced by Kevin Costner, directed by Joshua Michael Stern and starring actors Kevin Costner, Paula Patton, Kelsey Grammer, Dennis Hopper, Nathan Lane, Stanley Tucci, George Lopez and Madeline Carroll, is one more political movie released by Hollywood in an election year. This flick has a fascinating (and surprising) basis in fact: it’s been forgotten that the 2000 Presidential election (Bush v. Gore) at one point came down to one vote in New Mexico (I recall that on TV), and the national race would’ve been thrown to the House of Representatives for the first time in almost two centuries if the outcome in New Mexico had been different (Bush won Florida and New Mexico and took the Presidency).



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