The 117th United States Congress is the meeting of the United States Senate and House from January 2021 to January 2023, and the fifth Congress with House Districts based on the 2010 US Census results.

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  1. George Petrek

    Is there any changes to the 117th U. S. Congressional House Districts compared to the 113th Congressional House Districts or does that only change after each decennial census is tabulated and approved, then the States redistrict based on the approved census results?

    1. Bill

      Thanks for the question, George. The districts won’t change until the next (118th) Congress begins in January 2023. Obviously candidates for the US House will start running for seats based on the new district boundaries as soon as they’re finalized by the States, but the current representation in Congress won’t change until the next election (except for the occasional vacancy due to death or resignation). You’re probably asking now because the new apportionment of seats among the States was just recently announced based on the 2020 Census, and the district boundaries will need to be redrawn regardless because of population shifts within those States as reported by that Census.

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