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These 33 United States Senators Are Up for Re-Election in 2024:

  1. United States Senator Tammy Baldwin (Democratic Party) > State of Wisconsin
  2. United States Senator John Barrasso (Republican Party) > State of Wyoming
  3. United States Senator Marsha Blackburn (Republican Party) > State of Tennessee
  4. United States Senator Mike Braun (Republican Party) > State of Indiana
  5. United States Senator Sherrod Brown (Democratic Party) > State of Ohio
  6. United States Senator Maria Cantwell (Democratic Party) > State of Washington
  7. United States Senator Benjamin Cardin (Democratic Party) > State of Maryland
  8. United States Senator Thomas Carper (Democratic Party) > State of Delaware
  9. United States Senator Robert Casey (Democratic Party) > State of Pennsylvania
  10. United States Senator Kevin Cramer (Republican Party) > State of North Dakota
  11. United States Senator Ted Cruz (Republican Party) > State of Texas
  12. United States Senator Dianne Feinstein (Democratic Party) > State of California
  13. United States Senator Deb Fischer (Republican Party) > State of Nebraska
  14. United States Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (Democratic Party) > State of New York
  15. United States Senator Josh Hawley (Republican Party) > State of Missouri
  16. United States Senator Martin Heinrich (Democratic Party) > State of New Mexico
  17. United States Senator Mazie Hirono (Democratic Party) > State of Hawaii
  18. United States Senator Tim Kaine (Democratic Party) > State of Virginia
  19. United States Senator Angus King (Independent) > State of Maine
  20. United States Senator Amy Klobuchar (Democratic Party) > State of Minnesota
  21. United States Senator Joe Manchin (Democratic Party) > State of West Virginia
  22. United States Senator Robert Menendez (Democratic Party) > State of New Jersey
  23. United States Senator Christopher Murphy (Democratic Party) > State of Connecticut
  24. United States Senator Mitt Romney (Republican Party) > State of Utah
  25. United States Senator Jacky Rosen (Democratic Party) > State of Nevada
  26. United States Senator Bernie Sanders (Independent) > State of Vermont
  27. United States Senator Rick Scott (Republican Party) > State of Florida
  28. United States Senator Kyrsten Sinema (Democratic Party) > State of Arizona
  29. United States Senator Debbie Stabenow (Democratic Party) > State of Michigan
  30. United States Senator Jon Tester (Democratic Party) > State of Montana
  31. United States Senator Elizabeth Warren (Democratic Party) > State of Massachusetts
  32. United States Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (Democratic Party) > State of Rhode Island
  33. United States Senator Roger Wicker (Republican Party) > State of Mississippi

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  1. Tessa

    Clearly Democrats are unaware that we live in a Republic not a democracy. The Constitution states it even the Pledge of Allegiance. Something Democrats have thrown out with the bath water. Ben Franklin answered when ask what kind of country will we have “A Republic if you can keep it”. A democracy is ran by a Ruler a Republic by the People. It would do this Country good to make sure every Candidate would have to pass a US History and Civics Exam before they could run for Office. A Country is also listed by definition to have borders.

  2. NA

    To sad To bad just leave the Republicans alone don’t give them any ideas or clues what they are doing and why they will lose the next election possibly even all future ones. The Republican name could just disappear, to many Republicans have lost faith in their party and may not officially show that on the rolls, but we will see on the next election how bad they get hurt.

  3. Patriot Veteran

    There are rumors that Several 3rd and 4th Political Parties are forming together, untied as ONE, to defeat (d)RATS. There are 23 (D)RAT up for Re-election in 2022 and only 10 (Fake GOP Candidates) IF this United Political Party can join together, hopefully, they can find Candidates to oppose them and “Force them to work and Champaign, which something they aren’t probably wanting to do. If the United Party can just win 10-12 races, the (D)RATS will give up their Majority, thanks to 3d & 4th Grade Parties. They may never be a Majority themselves, but at least the (D)RATS will be changed – every 2 years. MAGA – AMERICAN FIRST

  4. Reverend Paul Jones

    To Dorothy Jaworski, you have made a bold statement, without facts this seems to be a standard practice of the democratic party as you accuse others of what you have committed, it’s the calling of a cheating spouse to accuse the other of infidelity’s when they are in fact the cheating spouse, as I have always maintained with comments such as yours, people as yourself with the intelligence of a rock rolling uphill in winter snow for unfaceted statements

    1. Bill

      “Without facts?” Hmmm…

  5. John Roberson

    i wish that member of the US House of Representatives from Florida who was once a Federal Judge, impeached by the House and convicted by the US Senate would have felt it honorable to at least abstain from any yea or nay vote on impeachment? But then, vengeance with any computer is possible and Democracy was a form of government that existed in ancient Greece and that failed, and a limited Republic existed in ancient Rome, and that also failed? And as usual, Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Joseph Biden and surely Kamala Harris, care about their legacy, themselves, their families, and friends, and also want to get reelected and appeal to the pollsters as the greatest hand shakers and smilers to walk on Planet Earth, and use as many as they can to serve their wishes? And as that great author Mr Huxley would address in a Brave New World, they want all who disagree with them to be addressed as the, SAVAGE?

  6. Dorothy Jaworski

    I hope Ted Cruz is censured or encouraged to resign along with Hawley.They both know the 2020 election was not fraudulent ; yet they continue to object .Neither one cares for democracy but their priority is themselves rather than country.

    1. Dick Whittington

      you should go quail hunting with Liz Chaney!!

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