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All 33 Senate Seats Up In 2024 by Party (21 Democrats, 10 GOP & 2 Independents)
  1. United States Senator Kyrsten Sinema (Democratic Party) > State of Arizona
  2. United States Senator Dianne Feinstein (Democratic Party) > State of California
  3. United States Senator Christopher Murphy (Democratic Party) > State of Connecticut
  4. United States Senator Thomas Carper (Democratic Party) > State of Delaware
  5. United States Senator Mazie Hirono (Democratic Party) State of Hawaii
  6. United States Senator Benjamin Cardin (Democratic Party) > State of Maryland
  7. United States Senator Elizabeth Warren (Democratic Party) > State of Massachusetts
  8. United States Senator Debbie Stabenow (Democratic Party) > State of Michigan
  9. United States Senator Amy Klobuchar (Democratic Party) > State of Minnesota
  10. United States Senator Jon Tester (Democratic Party) > State of Montana
  11. United States Senator Jacky Rosen (Democratic Party) > State of Nevada
  12. United States Senator Robert Menendez (Democratic Party) > State of New Jersey
  13. United States Senator Martin Heinrich (Democratic Party) > State of New Mexico
  14. United States Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (Democratic Party) > State of New York
  15. United States Senator Sherrod Brown (Democratic Party) > State of Ohio
  16. United States Senator Robert Casey (Democratic Party) > State of Pennsylvania
  17. United States Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (Democratic Party) > State of Rhode Island
  18. United States Senator Tim Kaine (Democratic Party) > State of Virginia
  19. United States Senator Maria Cantwell (Democratic Party) > State of Washington
  20. United States Senator Joe Manchin (Democratic Party) > State of West Virginia
  21. United States Senator Tammy Baldwin (Democratic Party) > State of Wisconsin
  22. United States Senator Rick Scott (Republican Party) > State of Florida
  23. United States Senator Mike Braun (Republican Party) > State of Indiana
  24. United States Senator Roger Wicker (Republican Party) > State of Mississippi
  25. United States Senator Josh Hawley (Republican Party) > State of Missouri
  26. United States Senator Deb Fischer (Republican Party) > State of Nebraska
  27. United States Senator Kevin Cramer (Republican Party) > State of North Dakota
  28. United States Senator Marsha Blackburn (Republican Party) > State of Tennessee
  29. United States Senator Ted Cruz (Republican Party) > State of Texas
  30. United States Senator Mitt Romney (Republican Party) > State of Utah
  31. United States Senator John Barrasso (Republican Party) > State of Wyoming
  32. United States Senator Angus King (Independent) > State of Maine
  33. United States Senator Bernie Sanders (Independent) > State of Vermont

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