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All 34 Senate Seats Up In 2022 by Party (14 Democrats & 20 Republicans)
  1. United States Senator Mark Kelly (Democratic Party) > State of Arizona
  2. United States Senator Alex Padilla (Democratic Party) > State of California
  3. United States Senator Michael Bennet (Democratic Party) > State of Colorado
  4. United States Senator Richard Blumenthal (Democratic Party) > State of Connecticut
  5. United States Senator Raphael Warnock (Democratic Party) > State of Georgia
  6. United States Senator Brian Schatz (Democratic Party) > State of Hawaii
  7. United States Senator Tammy Duckworth (Democratic Party) > State of Illinois
  8. United States Senator Chris Van Hollen (Democratic Party) > State of Maryland
  9. United States Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (Democratic Party) > State of Nevada
  10. United States Senator Margaret Wood Hassan (Democratic Party) > State of New Hampshire
  11. United States Senator Chuck Schumer (Democratic Party) State of New York
  12. United States Senator Ron Wyden (Democratic Party) > State of Oregon
  13. United States Senator Patrick Leahy (Democratic Party) > State of Vermont
  14. United States Senator Patty Murray (Democratic Party) > State of Washington
  15. United States Senator Richard Shelby (Republican Party) > State of Alabama
  16. United States Senator Lisa Murkowski (Republican Party) > State of Alaska
  17. United States Senator John Boozman (Republican Party) > State of Arkansas
  18. United States Senator Marco Rubio (Republican Party) State of Florida
  19. United States Senator Mike Crapo (Republican Party) > State of Idaho
  20. United States Senator Todd Young (Republican Party) > State of Indiana
  21. United States Senator Chuck Grassley (Republican Party) > State of Iowa
  22. United States Senator Jerry Moran (Republican Party) > State of Kansas
  23. United States Senator Rand Paul (Republican Party) > State of Kentucky
  24. United States Senator John Kennedy (Republican Party) > State of Louisiana
  25. United States Senator Roy Blunt (Republican Party) > State of Missouri
  26. United States Senator Richard Burr (Republican Party) > State of North Carolina
  27. United States Senator John Hoeven (Republican Party) > State of North Dakota
  28. United States Senator Rob Portman (Republican Party) > State of Ohio
  29. United States Senator James Lankford (Republican Party) > State of Oklahoma
  30. United States Senator Patrick Toomey (Republican Party) > State of Pennsylvania
  31. United States Senator Tim Scott (Republican Party) > State of South Carolina
  32. United States Senator John Thune (Republican Party) > State of South Dakota
  33. United States Senator Mike Lee (Republican Party) > State of Utah
  34. United States Senator Ron Johnson (Republican Party) > State of Wisconsin

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