The most basic Federal Election Commission rules to know are those regarding disclaimers in advertising:

  1. Public Communications by a Federal Candidate or a Committee need a disclaimer
  2. “Public Communications” are defined as Television ads, newspaper ads, billboards, websites, emails going out to 500 or more recipients, etc.
  3. If a “person” pays for a communication (including any solicitation) that refers to a candidate but is not authorized by any candidate or campaign, a notice must state that the communication was not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee, identify the entity that paid for the communication, and provide at least one of the following: the payor’s permanent street address, telephone number or website address (it’s possible that the new (as of 2020) Facebook setup regarding ads for “Social Issues, Elections or Politics,” where an individual can be cleared to pay for such ads, fulfills these FEC regulations).

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