For guidance on how you as an individual can support a political campaign, see the FEC rules on the subject.

The current maximum contribution limits for an individual (person) donor are:

  • $2,800 to a Federal candidate committee
  • $5,000 to a Political Action Committee
  • $10,000 annually combined to State, District and Local Committees
  • $35,000 annually to a National Party Committee (e.g., DNC or RNC)
  • $106,500 annually to additional national party committee accounts

For guidance on how Unions can support a campaign, see this FEC page.

Per the FEC, in US House and US Senate races each primary election, general election, runoff and special election is considered a separate election with a separate limit. A party caucus or convention constitutes a separate election if it has the authority under state law to select a nominee for federal office.

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