Party Ballot Access

Major US Political Parties (Have Won > 269 Electoral Votes in Past):

  1. Democratic Party (Liberalism)
  2. Republican Party (Conservatism)

Major Minor US Political Parties (On Ballot for >269 Electoral Votes):

  1. Constitution Party (Paleoconservatism)
  2. Green Party (Environmentalism)
  3. Libertarian Party (Libertarianism)

Minor US Political Parties (On Ballot for <269 Electoral Votes):

  1. Party for Socialism and Liberation (Communism)
  2. Unity Party of America (Centrism)
  3. Alliance Party (Centrism)

Minor Minor US Political Parties (On Ballot for 0 Electoral Votes):

  1. American Party
  2. American Free Soil Party
  3. American Freedom Party (White Nationalism)
  4. American Independent Party
  5. American Solidarity Party
  6. America’s Party
  7. Citizens Party
  8. Communist Party USA
  9. Freedom Socialist Party
  10. Humane Party (Animal Rights)
  11. Independence Party of America
  12. The Independent Party
  13. Independent American Party
  14. Life and Liberty Party
  15. Light Party
  16. Peace and Freedom Party
  17. Pirate Party
  18. Prohibition Party
  19. Reform Party
  20. Social Democrats, USA
  21. Socialist Party USA
  22. Socialist Action
  23. Socialist Alternative Party
  24. Socialist Equality Party
  25. Socialist Workers Party
  26. United States Pacifist Party
  27. Veterans Party of America
  28. Workers World Party
  29. Working Families Party

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