Running For United States President In The State of Texas

(38 Electoral College Votes / Partisan Voting Index R+8)

According to the State of Texas, only parties that have qualified to have their political party on the ballot are allowed to have their nominee for President and Vice President on the ballot. Currently, the Green Party and the Libertarian Party are the only minor parties in Texas that have ballot access. In turn, a new party in the State of Texas must receive 2% of the vote in the preceding Gubernatorial election to gain ballot access, and 1% of the Gubernatorial vote before that (in the form of petitions) is required to gain the first stage of ballot access.

Independent candidates for President must circulate a petition between March and May of the Election Year in question, and, as of 2020, gather 89,693 signatures from voters who didn’t vote in the Presidential Primary of either major party.

To be a recognized Presidential write-in candidate in Texas, a declaration of candidacy must be filed no later than mid-August along with statements of consent from 38 Presidential Elector candidates.



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