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Alabama Governor and 2022 Gubernatorial Candidates (Actual/Potential):
  1. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (R)
Richard Shelby (R)
Class III Senator
Senior Alabama US Senator and 2022 US Senate Candidates (Actual/Potential):
  1. US Senator Richard Shelby (R) (Campaign Site)
  2. Ex-Brighton Mayor, Ex-Labor Union Organizer Brandaun Dean (D)
Doug Jones (D)
Class II Senator
Junior Alabama US Senator and 2020 US Senate Candidates (Actual/Potential):
  1. US Senator Doug Jones (D) (Campaign Site)
  2. Businessman, Ex-TV Evangelist Stanley Adair (R)
  3. Congressman, Ex-State Board of Education Member, Attorney Bradley Byrne (R)
  4. Teacher Marty Hatley (R)
  5. Secretary of State, Ex-State Rep, Ex-Bank Development Officer John Merrill (R)
  6. State Rep, Businessman Arnold Mooney (R)
  7. Ex-AL Supreme Court Chief Justice, Religious Right Activist Roy Moore (R)
  8. Real Estate Investor, 2017 Dothan Mayoral Candidate Ruth Page Nelson (R)
  9. Truck Driver John Serbin (R)
  10. Ex-US Attorney General, Ex-US Senator, Ex-US Attorney Jeff Sessions (R)
  11. Ex-Auburn University Football Coach Tommy Tuberville (R)
  12. Mike Parrish (I)
  13. Pastor Jarmal Jabbar Sanders (I)
  14. Marcus Williams (I)
  1. Retired USMC Colonel, Iraq Veteran, Businessman, 2017 Candidate Lee Busby (R)
Alabama US House District 1 Representative and 2020 Candidates (Actual/Potential):

(District 1 Partisan Voting Index > R+15)

Alabama’s 1st Congressional District Map

  • Bay Minette
  • Brewton
  • Daphne
  • Mobile
  • Prichard
  1. Bradley Byrne (R) > Candidate for Senate in 2020
  2. Mobile County Commissioner, Businessman Jerry Carl (R)
  3. Ex-US Intelligence Officer, Army Veteran John Castorani (R)
  4. Ex-State Senator, Businessman, 2018 Gov Candidate Bill Hightower (R)
  5. Businessman Wes Lambert (R)
  6. State Representative, Home Building Contractor Chris Pringle (R)
  7. Retired USMC NCO James Averhart (D)
  8. Rick Collins (D)
  9. College Instructor, Biologist Kiani Gardner (D)
  1. State Senator, Ex-State Rep, Ex-Municipal Judge, Attorney Greg Albritton (R)
  2. State Senator, Businessman, GOP Activist Chris Elliott (R)
  3. Ex-State Representative, Realtor, Forester, 2013 Candidate Chad Fincher (R)
  4. Ex-State Senator, Retired Teacher, 2018 Lt Governor Candidate Rusty Glover (R)
  5. Newspaper Columnist, Ex-Congressional Aide, 2013 Candidate Quin Hillyer (R)
  6. State Senator David Sessions (R)
  7. Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson (R)
  8. State Senator, Ex-State Representative, Farmer Jack Williams (R)
  9. Real Estate Developer, Ex-Roy Moore Aide, Frequent Candidate Dean Young (R)
Alabama US House District 2 Representative and 2020 Candidates (Actual/Potential):

(District 2 Partisan Voting Index > R+16)

Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District Map

  • Dothan
  • Enterprise
  • Montgomery
  1. Martha Roby (R) > Retiring in 2020
  2. Thomas Brown Jr. (R)
  3. Moving Company CEO Jeff Coleman (R)
  4. Ex-USAID Diplomatic Official, Ex-WH Aide, Ex-Gubernatorial Aide Terri Hasdorff (R)
  5. Ex-Attorney General, Ex-Gubernatorial Aide Troy King (R)
  6. Ex-State Rep, Businessman, National Guard Vet, 2018 Candidate Barry Moore (R)
  7. Teacher, Electrician, 2016 Candidate Bob Rogers (R)
  8. Businesswoman, Attorney Jessica Taylor (R)
  9. Ex-State Representative, Ex-County Commissioner, Farmer Nathan Mathis (D)
  10. Self-Employed, Ex-Salesman, Libertarian Activist John Page (L/Write-In)
  1. Ex-US Rep, Ex-Montgomery Mayor, Atty, Ex-Dem, 2018 Candidate Bobby Bright (R)
  2. Conservative Activist, 2016 Candidate Becky Gerritson (R)

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