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California’s Congressional Districts as of 113th Congress

California US House District 25 Representative and 2020 Candidates (Actual/Potential):

California’s 25th Congressional District Map

  1. California 25th District Representative Katie Hill (D) > Resigned October 2019 
  2. Police Officer Mark Cripe (R)
  3. Defense Contractor Executive, Iraq War Veteran Mike Garcia (R)
  4. Charles Patron (R)
  5. Physician David Rudnick (D)
  6. Lancaster City Councilor, Bank Executive Angela Underwood-Jacobs (R)
  1. SBA Official, Ex-State Assemblyman, Ex-City Councilman Dante Acosta (R)
  2. Ex-LA County Supervisor, Ex-CA Assemblyman, Ret. Army Off’r Mike Antonovich (R)
  3. Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger (R)
  4. Attorney, 2016/2018 Candidate Bryan Caforio (D)
  5. Palmdale Mayor, Ex-City Councilman, Retired Firefighter Steve Hofbauer (R)
  6. CA Assemblyman, Ex-Palmdale City Councilman, Ret. Police Officer Tom Lackey (R)
  7. Simi Valley Mayor, Retired Firefighter, Businessman Keith Mashburn (R)
  8. Santa Clarita Mayor, Businesswoman Marsha McLean (R)
  9. Oil/Gas Consultant, Ex-Trump Campaign Advisor, Felon George Papadopolous (R)
  10. Lancaster Mayor, Attorney Rex Parris (R)
  11. Ex-CA Board of Equalization Member, Ex-State Senator George Runner (R)
  12. State Assemblywoman, Ex-Policy Analyst Christy Smith (D)
  13. Santa Clarita City Councilman, Ex-State Assemblyman Cameron Smyth (R)
  14. Ex-State Senator, Businessman, Frequent Candidate Tony Strickland (R)
  15. State Senator, Ex-Santa Clarita Comm. College District Trustee Scott Wilk (R)

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