Candidates in italics below potential candidates (comment at bottom with updates):

Governor and 2022 Gubernatorial Candidates:
  1. Governor Jared Polis (D)
Senior US Senator and 2022 US Senate Candidates:
  1. US Senator Michael Bennet (D)
Junior US Senator and 2020 US Senate Candidates:
  1. Junior US Senator Cory Gardner (R) (Campaign Site)
  2. Ex-US Ambassador, Ex-Depy Asst US Secretary of State Dan Baer (D)
  3. Psychologist, Envinronmental Activist Diana Bray (D)
  4. College Professor, Economist, Ex-Boulder County Democratic Chair Ellen Burnes (D)
  5. Nonprofit Executive Lorena Garcia (D)
  6. Ex-State Senator, Businessman, Ex-HS Principal, 2018 Guv Candidate Mike Johnston (D)
  7. Critical Care Pharmacist Dustin Leitzel (D)
  8. Ex-State House Majority Leader, Attprney, University Official Alice Madden (D)
  9. Ex-State House Speaker, Atty, 2010 Candidate, 2014 US Rep Candidate Andrew Romanoff (D)
  10. Baptist Minister, College Professor, 2018 US Rep Nominee Stephany Rose Spaulding (D)
  11. Ex-US Attorney John Walsh (D)
  12. Research Scientist Trish Zornio (D)
  13. Festival Promoter, Frequent Candidate Gary Swing (Unity)
  1. State Senator Kerry Donovan (D)
  2. Ex-Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett (D)
  3. Secretary of State, Attorney Jena Griswold (D)
  4. Ex-State Rep, Attorney, 2018 Atty Gen Candidate Joe Salazar (D)
  5. State Senator, Ex-State Rep, Insurance Agency Owner Angela Williams (D)
US House District 1 Representative and 2020 Candidates:
  1. 1st District Representative Diana DeGette (D) (Campaign Site)
  2. Ex-State House Speaker, Attorney Crisanta Duran (D)
  3. Trans Rights Activist Charlie Madison Winters (D)
US House District 2 Representative and 2020 Candidates:
  1. 2nd District Representative Joe Neguse (D) (Campaign Site)
  2. Mark Matyi (I)
US House District 3 Representative and 2020 Candidates:
  1. 3rd District Representative Scott Tipton (R) (Campaign Site)
  2. Ex-State Rep, Ex-Routt County Comm’r, 2018 Nominee Diane Mitsch Bush (D)
  3. Businessman, Engineer, Vietnam Veteran, 2018 Candidate Root Routledge (D)
  1. State Senate President, Ex-Pueblo City Councilor, Veteran Leroy Garcia (D)
US House District 4 Representative and 2020 Candidates:
  1. 4th District Representative Ken Buck (R) (Campaign Site)
  2. USMC Veteran, 2018 Sheriff Candidate Isaac McCorkle (D)
US House District 5 Representative and 2020 Candidates:
  1. 5th District Representative Doug Lamborn (R) (Campaign Site)
  2. Progressive Activist Jillian Freeland (D)
  3. Mario Sanchez (D)
  4. Retired Navy NCO, IT Professional Rebecca Keltie (Unity)
US House District 6 Representative and 2020 Candidates:
  1. 6th District Representative Jason Crow (D) (Campaign Site)
  2. Christian Marriage Coach, AF Veteran, CD1 Nominee x 2 Casper Stockham (R)
  3. Metaphysical Healer Jaimie Kulikowski (NLP)
  1. Ex-State Rep, Construction Contractor & USMC Veteran Phil Covarrubias (R)
US House District 7 Representative and 2020 Candidates:
  1. 7th District Representative Ed Perlmutter (D) (Campaign Site)
  2. Progressive Activist, 2016/2018 Candidate Nathan Clay (D)

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