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Idaho Governor and 2022 Gubernatorial Candidates
(Actual Candidate / Potential Candidate / No Website)
  1. Idaho Governor Brad Little (R) (Campaign Site)
Senior Idaho US Senator and 2022 US Senate Candidates
  1. US Senator Mike Crapo (R) (Crapo’s Campaign Site)
Junior Idaho US Senator and 2020 US Senate Candidates
  1. US Senator Jim Risch (R) (Risch’s Campaign Site)
  2. Retired Businesswoman, Progressive Activist Nancy Harris (D)
  3. Ex-State Representative, Environmental Activist, 2018 Gubernatorial Nominee Paulette Jordan (D)
  4. Farmer, Businessman, Army Veteran Travis Oler (D)
  5. Business Consultant, Retired Police Officer, 2018 US Representative Candidate Jim Vandermaas (D)
  6. Janitorial Contractor, Conservative Activist Ray Writz (C)
  7. Software Developer Natalie Fleming (I)

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