Illinois Governor and 2022 Gubernatorial Candidates (Actual/Potential):
  1. Illinois Governor JB Pritzker (D) (Campaign Site)

Senior Illinois US Senator and 2020 US Senate Candidates

(Actual Candidate / Potential Candidate / No Website)

  1. US Senator Dick Durbin (D) (Durbin’s Campaign Site)
  2. Businessman, Polish-American Community Activist Casey Chlebek (R)
  3. Ex-Lake County Sheriff, Attorney Mark Curran (R)
  4. Ex-Police Officer, Navy Veteran, Conservative Activist Peggy Hubbard (R)
  5. Physician, Vietnam War Veteran Robert Marshall (R)
  6. Physician Tom Tarter (R)
  7. Car Sales Manager Patrick Feges (I)
  8. Keith Richardson (I)
  9. Businessman, Philanthropist, Democrat Willie Wilson (I)

Junior Illinois US Senator and 2022 US Senate Candidates

  1. US Senator Tammy Duckworth (D) (Duckworth’s Campaign Site)

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