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Kansas Governor and 2022 Gubernatorial Candidates
(Actual Candidate / Potential Candidate / No Website)
  1. Kansas Governor Laura Kelly (D) (Campaign Site)
  1. Ex-Governor, Ex-Lt Governor, Ex-State Senator, Ex-State Representative, Surgeon Jeff Colyer (R)
  2. US Secretary of State, Ex-CIA Director, Ex-Congressman Mike Pompeo (R)
Senior Kansas US Senator and 2020 US Senate Candidates
  1. US Senator Pat Roberts (R) > Roberts Retiring in 2020
  2. Ex-Secretary of State, Ex-Overland Park City Councilman, Attorney, 2018 Gubernatorial Nominee Kris Kobach (R)
  3. Turnpike Authority Chair, Ex-Johnson County Commissioner, Ex-NFL Football Player Dave Lindstrom (R)
  4. Congressman, Doctor Roger “Doc” Marshall (R)
  5. College Instructor, Doctoral Student Brian Matlock (R)
  6. State Board of Education Member, Electrical Engineer Steve Roberts (R)
  7. Paralegal, USMC Veteran Gabriel Robles (R)
  8. State Senate President, Ex-State Representative Susan Wagle (R)
  9. State Senator, Ex-State Representative, Retired Doctor, Ex-Republican Barbara Bollier (D)
  10. Accountant Corbie Crow (D)
  11. Manhattan City Councilwoman, Teacher Usha Reddi (D)
  12. Adam Smith (D)
  13. Retired Court Services Officer, National Guard Veteran Robert Tillman (D)
  14. Paul Tuten (I)
  1. Plumbing Company Owner Bob Hamilton (R)
  2. Businessman, 2018 Lt Governor Candidate Wink Hartman (R)
  3. American Conservative Union Chair, Bush White House Official Matt Schlapp (R)
  4. Ex-Congressman, Ex-State Representative, Attorney Kevin Yoder (R)
  5. Journalist, Author Sarah Smarsh (D)
  6. Attorney, Ex-Political Organizer and Sanders Campaign Activist, 2018 US Representative Candidate Brent Welder (D)
Junior Kansas US Senator and 2022 US Senate Candidates
  1. US Senator Jerry Moran (R) (Moran’s Campaign Site)

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