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Nebraska Governor and 2022 Gubernatorial Candidates
(Actual Candidate / Potential Candidate / No Website)

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts (R) > Term Limited in 2022

  1. State Senator, Retired USAF Lt Colonel, 2018 Nominee Bob Krist (D)
  1. Lt Governor, Ex-State Auditor, Ex-State Senator Mike Foley (R)
  2. State Treasurer John Murante (R)

Senior Nebraska US Senator and 2024 US Senate Candidates

  1. US Senator Deb Fischer (R) (Fischer’s Campaign Site)

Junior Nebraska US Senator and 2020 US Senate Candidates

  1. US Senator Ben Sasse (R) (Sasse’s Campaign Site)
  2. Businessman, Ex-Lancaster County GOP Chair Matt Innis (R)
  3. Bakery Owner, 2018 Candidate Chris Janicek (D)
  4. Retired Hardware Store Owner, USAF Veteran Larry Marvin (D)
  5. Businesswoman, Mental Health Advocate Angie Philips (D)
  6. Mental Health Counselor Alisha Shelton (D)
  7. Technology Professional, Libertarian Activist Eric Dilliard (L)
  8. Air Conditioning Technician, Ex-Teacher, 2018 Candidate Dennis Frank Macek (L)
  1. Ex-Lincoln Mayor, Ex-State Senator, Lawyer, Army Veteran Chris Beutler (D)
  2. State Senator, Attorney Sara Howard (D)

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