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New Jersey Governor and 2021 Gubernatorial Candidates (Actual/Potential):
  1. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (D) (Campaign Site)
  2. Ex-State Assemblyman, Ex-Somerset County Freeholder, 2017 Candidate Jack Ciattarelli (R)
  1. Ex-State Assemblyman, Attorney, 2017 Candidate John Wisniewski (D)
  2. State Senator, Ex-State Assemblyman, Ex-Somerset County Freeholder Kip Bateman (R)
  3. State Assembly Minority Leader, Ex-Plainfield City Councilman, Attorney Jon Bramnick (R)
  4. Monmouth County Sheriff, Monmouth County GOP Chair Shaun Golden (R)
  5. State GOP Chair, Ex-Lopatcong Mayor, Attorney Doug Steinhardt (R)

Senior New Jersey US Senator and 2024 US Senate Candidates

(Actual Candidate / Potential Candidate / No Website)

  1. US Senator Bob Menendez (D) (Menendez’s Campaign Site)

Junior New Jersey US Senator and 2020 US Senate Candidates

  1. US Senator Cory Booker (D) (Campaign Site)
  2. Civil Rights Activist, Community Organizer, Sanders Campaign State Chair Larry Hamm (D)
  3. Businesswoman, Progressive Activist, 2018 Candidate Lisa McCormick (D)
  4. Healthcare Business Consultant, Biochemist, 2018 Candidate Tricia Flanagan (R)
  5. Software Engineer Navodaya Garepalli (R)
  6. Pharmaceutical Executive, Attorney, Pharmacist Rik Mehta (R)
  7. Attorney Stuart Meissner (R)
  8. Ex-Monmouth County Freeholder, Ex-Spring Lake Borough Councilman Gary Rich (R)
  9. Social Services Coordinator, 2018 Candidate, 2016 City Council Candidate Natalie Rivera (R)
  10. Businessman, Engineer, 2018 US Representative Candidate, 2017 Gubernatorial Candidate Hirsch Singh (R)
  11. Luis Vergara (WI)

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