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Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District US Representative > Susie Lee (Democrat)

Nevada Congressional District 3 as of Congress 113 includes part or all of the following towns and cities (refer to the map above for exact district boundaries or find your US House Representative by Zip Code):

  • Boulder City
  • Goodsprings
  • Henderson
  • Primm
  • Searchlight

For Nevada Politics List with Governor, US Senators and NV US House District 3 Congressional Candidates click here

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  1. Ken spale

    Please help this country.
    The crisis on the border is just that a Crisis.
    The invasion of our border from “illegal immigrants” can not be good for this country. I’ve looked up they definition of an illegal immigrant and quoted it from Webster’s dictionary. That we are both talking about the same thing “ A foreigner who has entered or resides in a country unlawfully or without the countries authorization”. This invasion must be stopped. We have legal ways to enter this country.
    Are Illegal immigrants being tested for Covid before they are released into our country? No!!! Why ?
    If you come on a vacation from another country by plane you must get a test.
    So why is our President allowing this invasion?
    We are renting hotels for illegal immigrants. It just crazy.
    We can’t help our neighbors if our house isn’t in order. Right now our house is not in order.
    Let’s spend that money on America veterans.
    At a time when so many Americans are out of work , why would our president allow the dilution of our American workforce.
    As a country we need to get our borders under control.
    From a moral point of view you can’t honestly say what’s happening a our border is good for our country.
    Right now our president is showing weakness not strength to the rest of the world. If we can’t control our own border what else can’t we do under this president.
    Please help save America.
    I’ve asked some very specific questions and I would like very specific answers to those very specific questions.
    I have plenty of forum letters I don’t need anymore.
    If you agree with the invasion on our borders please tell me how this will help America and Americas kids and grandkids.
    Let’s open up the Economy before we open up our borders.
    Regards Mr. Spale

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