Texas State Governor, US Senators And Representatives

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Texas Partisan Voting Index: R+8

Texas Governor and 2022 Texas Gubernatorial Candidates

  1. Current Governor of Texas Greg Abbott (Republican) (Abbott’s Campaign Site)
  2. Rusk City Councilman, Front Loader Operator Martin Holsome (Republican)
  3. Comedian, TV Personality Chad Prather (Republican)
  4. Software Engineer, Anti-Tax Activist, 2020 Presidential Candidate Dan Behrman (Libertarian)
  1. Ex-Congressman, Ex-El Paso City Councilman, 2018 US Senate Nominee, 2020 Presidential Candidate Beto O’Rourke (Democrat)

Senior Texas US Senator and 2026 US Senate Candidates

  1. Current Senior United States Senator From Texas John Cornyn (Republican) (Cornyn’s Campaign Site)

Junior Texas US Senator and 202US Senate Candidates

  1. Junior United States Senator From Texas Ted Cruz (Republican) (Cruz’s Campaign Site)
Texas Congressional Districts as of 113th US Congress

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