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Virginia Governor and 2021 Gubernatorial Candidates
(Actual Candidate / Potential Candidate / No Website)

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D) > Term Limited in 2021

  1. Atty General, Ex-State Senator, Ex-County Supervisor Mark Herring (D)
  1. Lt Governor, Attorney, 2013 Atty Gen Candidate Justin Fairfax (D)
  2. Ex-Governor, Ex-DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe (D)
  3. State Senator, Ex-VA Delegate, DNC Member, Atty Jennifer McClellan (D)
Virginia’s Senior US Senator and 2020 US Senate Candidates
  1. US Senator Mark Warner (D) (Warner’s Campaign Site)
  2. Financial Executive, Management Consultant Gary Adkins (R)
  3. Teacher Alissa Baldwin (R)
  4. Frederick County Supervisor, Financial Advisor, Ex-Congressional Aide Blaine Dunn (R)
  5. Business Development Executive, Adjunct Professor, Navy Veteran Omari Faulkner (R)
  6. Roger Franklin Jr. (R)
  7. College Professor, Retired Army Officer, Disabled Iraq War Veteran Daniel Gade (R)
  8. Minister, Ex-Lawyer, USMC Veteran E.W. Jackson (R)
  9. Mediator Mary Knapp (R)
  10. Army Reserve Officer, Nonprofit Group Media Relations Manager Tom Speciale (R)
  11. Lawyer, Trump Campaign Activist, 2018 US Representative Candidate in Maryland Victor Williams (R)
  12. Economic Development Consultant, Ex-Financial Analyst, Peace Corps Veteran Aldous Mina (I)
Virginia’s Junior US Senator and 2024 US Senate Candidates
  1. US Senator Tim Kaine (D) (Kaine’s Campaign Site)
  2. Transgender Rights Activist Zoey Maria King (D)

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