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West Virginia Governor & 2020 Gubernatorial Candidates
(Actual Candidate / Potential Candidate / No Website)
  1. West Virginia Governor Jim Justice (R) (Campaign Site)
  2. Shelby Fitzhugh (R)
  3. Ex-State Del., Airline Pilot, 2018 State Senate Candidate Mike Folk (R)
  4. Veteran Rebecca Henderson (R)
  5. Retired State Hwy Administrator, Nat’l Guard Veteran Chuck Sheedy (R)
  6. Surveyor George Six (R)
  7. Ex-WV Commerce Sec. Businessman, Engineer Woody Thrasher (R)
  8. Ex-Chamber of Commerce Official, Ex-Journalist Jody Murphy (D)
  9. Kanawha County Commissioner, Attorney Ben Salango (D)
  10. Nonprofit Group Executive, Community Organizer Stephen Smith (D)
  11. State Senator, Doctor, Ex-WV Medical Assoc. President Ron Stollings (D)
  12. Ex-Bramwell Police Chief, Frequent Candidate Ed Vanover (D)
  13. Army Veteran L. Dwayne Trent (C)
  14. Attorney, Community Activist Erika Kolenich (L)
  15. F. Bruce Riley (I)
  16. Army Veteran, RR Management Trainee, College Student Dave Sartin (I)
  17. Actor Billy Singhas (I)
  18. Consultant Quintin Caldwell (WI)
  1. WV Senate Majority Leader, Ex-St Del. 2011 Cand. Mitch Carmichael (R)
  2. 2018 State Delegate Candidate Steven Davis (R)
  3. Congressman, Ex-State GOP Chair, 1996 Candidate David McKinley (R)
  4. TV Personality, Businessman, Ex-Coal Miner Mark Bowe (D)
  5. Ex-US Attorney, 2016 Candidate Booth Goodwin (D)
  6. Ex-WV Senate Pres., Ex-Municipal Judge, Atty, ’16 Cand. Jeff Kessler (D)
  7. State House Minority Leader, Attorney Tim Miley (D)
  8. Ex-WV Sen., Iraq/Afghan Veteran, ’14/’18 US Rep Cand. Richard Ojeda (D)
West Virginia’s Senior US Senator and 2024 US Senate Candidates
  1. US Senator Joe Manchin (D) (Manchin’s Campaign Site)
West Virginia’s Junior US Senator and 2020 US Senate Candidates
  1. US Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R) (Capito’s Campaign Site)
  2. Farmer, USAF Veteran Larry Butcher (R)
  3. Religious Right Activist, Ex-Aide to Reverend Billy Graham Allen Whitt (R)
  4. Ex-State Senator, Iraq/Afghan War Veteran, 2014/2018 US Representative Candidate Richard Ojeda (D)
  5. Ex-South Charleston Mayor, Lawyer, Vietnam War Veteran Richie Robb (D)
  6. Environmental Activist, 2018 Candidate Paula Jean Swearengin (D)

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