Candidates in italics below potential candidates (comment at bottom with updates):

Senior Texas US Senator and 2020 US Senate Candidates:

  1. US Senator John Cornyn (R) (Campaign Site)
  2. Pastor, Ret. Sales Mngr, Civil Rights Activist, 2018 Lt Gov Cand. Michael Cooper (D)
  3. Business Consultant, Afghan Veteran, Author & 2018 US Rep Nominee MJ Hegar (D)
  4. Businesswoman, Sanders Campaign Activist, 2018 Candidate Sema Hernandez (D)
  5. Financial Consultant, 2018 Gov Candidate Adrian Ocegueda (D)
  6. Bridge Building Contractor, Ex-Oil Refinery Worker, ’14 Candidate Dwayne Stovall (I)
  7. State Representative Rafael Anchia (D)
  8. Houston City Councilor & Attorney Amanda Edwards (D)
  9. Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins (D)
  10. Ex-Congressman, Ex-El Paso City Councilman & 2018 Nominee Beto O’Rourke (D)
  11. Ex-State Rep & Google Executive Mark Strama (D)
  12. State Senator, Ex-State Senate President Pro Tempore & Attorney Royce West (D)

Junior Texas US Senator and 2024 US Senate Candidates:

  1. US Senator Ted Cruz (R) (Campaign Site)

Texas US House Representatives and 2020 US House Candidates:

Texas’ 1st Congressional District Map

  1. Texas 1st District Representative Louie Gohmert (R) (Campaign Site)
  2. Ex-Bank Manager, Frequent Candidate Anthony Culler (R)
  3. College Professor, 2018 Candidate Brent Beal (D)

Texas’ 2nd Congressional District Map

  1. Texas 2nd District Representative Dan Crenshaw (R) (Campaign Site)
  2. Teacher, Navy Veteran Elisa Cardnell (D)

Texas’ 3rd Congressional District Map

  1. Texas 3rd District Representative Van Taylor (R) (Campaign Site)
  2. Investment Manager, 2018 Candidate Roger Barone (R)
  3. Attorney, 2018 Nominee Lorie Burch (D)
  4. Employment Specialist, Iraq Veteran, 2018 County Comm’r Cand. Tanner Do (D)

Texas’ 4th Congressional District Map

  1. Texas 4th District Representative John Ratcliffe (R) (Campaign Site)
  2. Festival Producer, Marketing Executive, 2018 Nominee Catherine Krantz (D)

Texas’ 5th Congressional District Map

  1. Texas 5th District Representative Lance Gooden (R) (Campaign Site)

Texas’ 6th Congressional District Map

  1. Texas 6th District Representative Ron Wright (R) (Campaign Site)
  2. Mngmnt Consultant, Real Estate Investor, Army Reserve Officer Imran Khan (D)

Texas’ 7th Congressional District Map

  1. Texas 7th District Representative Lizzie Pannill Fletcher (D) (Campaign Site)
  2. Sales Account Manager, GOP Activist, Frequent Candidate Tom DeVor (R)
  3. Mortgage Loan Originator, Iraq War Veteran Wesley Hunt (R)
  4. Ex-Bellaire Mayor, Ex-Harris County Metro Transit Authority Dir. Cindy Siegel (R)
  5. Nonprofit Exec & Grandson of President George H. W. Bush Pierce Bush (R)
  6. State Representative, Attorney Sarah Davis (R)

Texas’ 8th Congressional District Map

  1. Texas 8th District Representative Kevin Brady (R) (Campaign Site)

Texas’ 9th Congressional District Map

  1. Texas 9th District Representative Al Green (D) (Campaign Site)
  2. IT Consultant, USMC Veteran Jon Menefee (R)
  3. Pastor Johnny Teague (R)

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