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While I’m still a firm believer in getting my web traffic for free with “content marketing” (i.e., creating a lot of useful and original content for my site that brings in organic traffic through Google and other sites), I will continue to dabble in advertising myself, if only to prime the pump after resetting this entire website in WordPress.

As of this writing, Facebook only allows three reactions to a post from your own Facebook pages. It’s recommended to note three reactions of “like,” “love,” and “wow” to prime the pump on reactions from your audience.

Bill’s List Facebook Advertising Log

There are 314 user Interests (in addition to Demographics, Cities, Countries and Behaviors) an advertiser can target in Facebook advertising. You can cite multiple interests (along with behaviors) when targeting an ad, though you might want to consider targeting one interest at a time with a particular ad, especially if that one interest still gives you a wide enough audience to reach with your very targeted message.

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