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Two Nifty Keyword Research Tools:

  1. Google Ads Keyword Planner > The Google Ads Keywords Planner is a nifty tool you can use for free to get a first rough idea of what people are actually searching for and at what numbers (I make a keyword search using this tool every time I set up a new page, and I’m continually surprised by what people are and are not seaching for). This tool will also tell you how much (if any) advertisers are bidding to get their ads next to these words, which is an extra bonus for those of us who run ads on our sites for revenue.
  2. Wordtracker > Wordtracker is a London-based outfit in business since 1998, and is the perfect “second opinion” (also free) for your keyword analysis (the Google Ads Keyword Planner default audience is in the United States, and Wordtracker, by contrast, bases at least part of its results on a “large British ISP”, according to WordPress for Dummies).

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