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While I’m still a firm believer in getting my web traffic for free with “content marketing” (i.e., creating a lot of useful and original content for my site that brings in organic traffic through Google and other sites), I will continue to dabble in advertising myself, if only to prime the pump after resetting this entire website in WordPress in 2019.

Instagram, along with its parent Facebook, is, as I’m discovering more and more on a daily basis as of this writing, a terrific platform for promoting Bill’s List for as little as a dollar a day (gives new meaning to the phrase “more bang for your buck”).

Note that, in order to encourage more honest sharing and less herd liking, Instagram began hiding the likes of users from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand. The latest is that the test now extends to “a small percentage of users” globally. Judging from the initial results on the above posts, an audience which includes “Europe” at least shows a lot more likes (2/3 of Janja’s above likes actually show on Instagram, versus 20% of Anna’s).

So I’ve just refined the audiences for both posts to Eurafrica for Anna, Eurasia for Janja.

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