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Website Domain Name Registration Length For SEO

Heard the rumor that the length of time you’ve registered your website into the future affects that website’s ranking in Google and other search engines (in other words, registering your site for just a year or two into the future looks like you’re not serious with the site and hurts your website’s standing)?

(Note that this is a separate topic from Domain Age, or how long your site has been registered up to the present moment.)

There are still two schools of thought out there on the Web, one of them being that domain registration services feed the rumor mill that registration length is indeed a ranking factor with Google and other search engines in order to help push more years of website registrations. However, Matt Cutts (when he was still with Google), has been quoted as saying, “My short answer is not to worry about that very much. Not very much at all, in fact.”

I think registering your website’s domain for as long as you can reasonably afford is a good idea in the same vein as Pacal’s Wager (Pascal was the 17th-century French philosopher who basically said that if you act as if you believe in God and he turns out not to exist, you haven’t really lost much, but if you act as if God does not exist and he turns out to be real, you’re in Big Trouble). If you’re serious about turning your website into a major web destination, and don’t want to worry about being flat broke when that website’s domain registration renewal rolls around, or (more likely) having only an expired credit card on file and missing a warning email, you have nothing to lose by registering your website’s domain name for several years.

After writing the above, I just renewed one of the websites I own and manage which was not quite due for domain name registration renewal.

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