Hacks that Will Increase Your Website Production Productivity

Chrome Shortcuts
  1. Ctrl+A > Highlight all text in block or on page in Chrome
  2. Ctrl+B > Embolden highlighted text
  3. Ctrl+C > Copy all highlighted text
  4. Ctrl+P > Paste all copied text into selected area
  5. Ctrl+T > Open a new tab in Chrome
  6. Ctrl+W > Close the current tab in Chrome
  7. Alt+Left Arrow > Takes you back to the previous page in Chrome
  8. Alt+Right Arrow > Takes you back to page just left using Alt+Left Arrow in Chrome
  9. Ctrl+U > Shows the source code in Chrome (handy for reviewing meta tags)
  10. Ctrl+H > Opens your browsing history in Chrome
  11. Ctrl+L > Highlights the address bar in Chrome
WordPress Shortcuts
  1. Ctrl+K > Makes a highlighted text a live link or allows you to paste in a link
  2. Alt+Shift+D > Strikethrough text (Strikethrough text)

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