A wise person learns from their mistakes, and the wisest person learns from others’ mistakes (especially mine). Be sure to add the below plugins as soon as you start to use WordPress, activate them, and use them for the reasons listed.

  1. Antispam Bee > Crucial for cutting the spam which will inevitably start to slow down your site if you set up comment boxes
  2. Duplicate Page > A huge timesaver when creating large numbers of very similar pages (e.g., the Congressional District map pages in my Politics Guide)
  3. Insert Headers and Footers > Handy plugin for inserting Google Ad and Google Analytics code into the Header of each page throughout your site
  4. Redirection > Crucial for bulk redirection of pages which have gone “poof” (I wish I had started using this plugin the moment I reset this HTML website with WordPress)
  5. Social Media and Share Icons > Handy for creating floating Social Media Icons on every page and thus promoting the Social Media (Facebook Page, Twitter Account, etc.) associated with your site
  6. WP User Avatar > Simple plugin handy for skipping Gravatar
  7. WPForms Lite > Great plugin for creating simple and easy-to-use Contact forms, sign-up forms, etc. on each and every page of your site
  8. Yoast SEO > Great plugin for creating disciplined Meta Description Tags
  9. YOP Poll > Great plugin for creating polls on your site (look for the orange box on this page)

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