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Would you like some quick pointers on where to go to customize the WordPress theme you’ve installed? Here are the notes I’ve made for my own use on this and other sites using the OceanWP theme:

To Change the Background and Link Colors in WordPress:

  • Appearance > Customize > General Options > General Styling > Site Background

(While background images might be tempting, it’s best to go with a light shade of a solid color as a sitewide background with a dark color for text; you’ll see this improve your bounce rate.)

To Change the Body (Main) Text in WordPress:

  • Appearance > Customize > Typography > Body > Font Color

(See above regarding best combo for text color and background.)

To Change the Header (Site of Logo and Main Nav Bar) BG Color:

  • Appearance > Customize > Header > General > Background Color

To Change the Top Bar Background and Link Colors:

  • Appearance > Customize > Top Bar > General > Background Color / Link Color

To Change the Header (Site of Logo and Main Nav Bar) Text Color:

  • Appearance > Customize > Header > Menu > Link Color

To Change the Title Bar (Site of Home House Icon) Text Color:

  • Appearance > Customize > General Options > Page Title > Background Color

And Here Are the Hex Codes of Some Colors I Like to Use:

  1. Air Force Blue > #5d8aa8
  2. Black > #000000
  3. Blood Red > #bb0a1e
  4. Burgundy > #800020
  5. Burnt Orange > #cc5500
  6. Navy Blue > #000080
  7. Paint Chip > #588bae
  8. Sea Blue > #006994
  9. Sky Blue > #87ceeb
  10. White > #ffffff
  11. Yellow Orange > #ffae42

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