My Personal Checklist for Creating Congressional District Pages in WordPress
On Congressional District Page Itself:
  1. Go to “All Pages”
  2. Search for the most similar page out of those already created
  3. Punch “Duplicate This” (You have this option with the “Duplicate Page” Plugin)
  4. Go into Drafts and open the new draft page
  5. Update the title from “28th” to “29th” and so forth
  6. Click on the current map, highlight the Alt text on the right, and Ctrl+C
  7. Delete the current map
  8. Use the “+” sign to insert the new, correct map
  9. Click on the new map and Ctrl+P the Alt text into the blank box at right
  10. Go to the old map on the live site, copy the caption, and paste same into editor
  11. Click on old map, copy link address, and paste same into “Custom URL” field
  12. Update the rest of the text on the page as needed, including links and city list
  13. In bottom section created with Yoast SEO Plugin, edit slug to 3 hyphenated words
  14. Edit the meta description as necessary
  15. Punch “Publish”, “view page” to copy address, and paste into slot in Site Map
On Associated State Politics Page:
  1. Ctrl+Shift+D Header and move down to create new section
  2. Ctrl+Shift+D PVI, move down to below header, and update with new district’s PVI
  3. Ctrl+Shift+D Map link, move down, and update with new’s district page URL
  4. Copy list of district towns from new page and paste below map link
  5. Plug in list of district candidates and format as needed
  6. Copy Rep name, google Rep pic, save Rep pic, and add caption after inserting

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